Use Authentic Shungite As Part Of Your Wellness Routine

Shungite or elite shungite is a silvery-black substance that is considered to be a precious stone. For users of alternative medicine, this particular stone is considered to have multiple properties that can be useful to people looking to either treat a problem or keep their body healthy. While it's true that the health claims around shungite have not been tested by any government authority, there are many years of anecdotal claims out there that have led some people to believe that using shungite on a regular basis can keep them in good health or improve their overall wellness. Here's what shungite is, and why it might be beneficial to you.

Shungite Is Made of Carbon

Shungite may look like just a fancy rock to you, but it's the contents of the rock that make it special. Shungite is made up of 99 percent carbon. The exact types of carbon can vary based on the specific type of shungite you acquire, but regardless of its exact makeup, it's this carbon that can be used for a variety of different things in regards to your health.

The Carbon in Shungite Can Fight Bacteria

Many years ago, people used shungite to help purify water. This is because long-term exposure to shungite was excellent at cleansing water of bacteria and other unwanted pathogens. There are even some people who prefer to cleanse their drinking water with shungite today, believing that it will remove all unwanted substances and leaving the water pure.

Shungite Contains Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Again, it's important to note that there are not any widely accepted large tests that have been conducted on humans in regards to the health benefits of shungite. But on testing with smaller animals, it has been concluded repeatedly that exposure to shungite can help reduce inflammation or provide healing through anti-oxidants.

Due to these properties, it's possible that shungite could be used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including arthritis, fatigue, allergies, and much more. One common use is for someone to place some shungite into their drinking water, and then drink it after some time in hopes of easing or relieving their sore throat.

If you are interested in alternative medicine or treatments or looking for other solutions besides taking medication, shungite may be a viable option for you. Reach out to a supplier of elite shungite in your area today for more information.