Tips For Buying Jewelry For A Teen

When a loved one reaches their teen years, you may want to begin giving them jewelry as gifts. It can be really fun to watch their eyes light up when they open a little box containing a pair of earrings or a necklace. But buying jewelry for someone so young does come with some intricacies. Here are some tips to follow as you start shopping.

Opt for a middle-of-the-road price tag.

Most teens are mature enough to keep track of and take reasonable care of their jewelry. However, you still probably don't want to buy them a $1,000 pair of earrings or a $1,600 necklace just yet. Don't buy cheap costume jewelry, either, but do try to choose something in the middle price range. A $100 pair of earrings or a $200 necklace is perfectly suitable, if you want them to have something nice. This jewelry should be nice enough that your teen is impressed by it and inspired to care for it but not so expensive that it's a major tragedy if they do lose it.

Look for something timeless.

You want the first jewelry piece you give a teen to be pieces they can hold on to and use for the rest of their life. If you buy them something that's trendy right now, they might wear it for a year or two and then never feel comfortable wearing it again. So, opt for pieces with timeless appeal instead. A simple pair of pearl earrings or a ring with a tiny ruby, for example, will look just as beautiful in a few decades.

Think about comfort.

Comfort is important to people of all ages, but especially to teens who are not as used to wearing jewelry. Stay away from necklaces that look like they may feel rough against the skin. Avoid rings that could get caught on clothing and earrings that are too heavy. Some jewelry brands have "comfort lines" or a symbol they put on the packaging of comfortable pieces. These tend to be good options for teenagers. You may also see brands that have a dedicated "teen" line, and if you look closely at these lines, you'll notice that all have comfort clasps and are made for comfort.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what jewelry is best suited to your teen's needs. Shopping for teen jewelry can be so fun and rewarding, especially when you know what you're looking for.