What To Look For In Florence Mailbox Name Plates

A Florence mailbox is part of a collection of mailboxes all connected and with their own access. These types of mailboxes are often found in apartment complexes or condos. You may also see them in trailer parks. It's a way to allow a mail delivery person to deliver mail to all the residents of one complex when they all live near one another.

This is a great way to manage mail and not complicate things by having individual mailboxes put in front of individual units. That being said, it also makes things complicated because it's important that the mailbox as a whole has its own Florence mailbox nameplates for every mailbox. 

What should you look for in Florence mailbox nameplates? Here are just some things to consider when you buy name tags and plates for your own mailbox or for mailboxes in the entire complex or court.

Easy-to-read background

The background on any Florence mailbox name plates should be easy to read and be of a solid color. No patterns allowed. Ideally, the nameplate will be black with white lettering on the front. However, white with black lettering can also be used as a background. Just make sure the background on Florence mailbox name tags is not too metallic or distracting so people can easily see the name tags to avoid confusion when getting to their mailboxes.

Larger tag areas

A nameplate should have plenty of room to allow for a first and last name or a longer name. Sometimes tenants in one unit don't have the same name and multiple names have to be put on a nameplate. Larger tag areas allow for more versatility and make creating name plates that much easier.

Modern tag shapes

You want Florence mailbox name plates and tags to be modern in shape and design, but not difficult to read or access. A modern rectangle or oval shape will do fine and allow for plenty of customization by the users. Something too ornate or floral isn't neutral enough in design and can throw off the appeal of your nameplates, so choose ones that are simple yet not too aged.

Make sure all Florence mailbox name plates you choose have plastic or glass covers on them to protect any names underneath. This allows for mailboxes that get exposed to the elements to not have names get wet, stained, or faded underneath.

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