Purchase a Stole for Your Graduate’s Ceremony

A student who has completed high school or college studies may typically be seen on graduation day with a stole displayed around their shoulders. A stole (sash) can be used to represent a school, a student's name, achievements, and cultural attributes. If your homeschooler will be graduating and you plan on hosting a ceremony in their honor, here's some information about purchasing graduation stoles

For Photo Opportunities and More

A graduation stole can be worn during a photoshoot or graduation and ultimately displayed inside of a frame or case. A stole will indicate to others that an achievement has been made. A distinctly colored piece of fabric that contains lettering and symbols will represent what types of studies your graduate has exceeded in and may provide a true representation of their heritage, interests, and future career path.

If you plan on taking some school photos throughout the year, you may want your child to be dressed up in the garb that they will eventually be wearing on their graduation day. Shopping for a stole in advance will allow you to try out various layouts and color combinations. An advanced order will ensure that you receive the stole several weeks or months before the graduation ceremony will take place.

Many Fabric Types and Features

The width and length of a stole should be in proportion to your child's frame and height. A standard stole will rest flat against the shoulders and will drape downward, along each side of a graduation gown. Satin is a popular stole material that possesses a shiny, smooth surface. If you choose a satin stole product, a lighter color will be more likely to show wrinkles or stains that are on the fabric's surface. Satin should be hand-washed if a stole gets soiled.

Some other materials that a stole can be constructed of include cotton blends, silk products, and brocades. A liner is usually secured to the underside of a stole. This material will cushion the fabric and will prevent a stole from slipping down from the shoulders. Tassels and other gear that will be worn during a ceremony can be layered upon a stole.

Lace edging, embroidery, and appliques are some adornments that may make a stole stand out. Consider the graduation gown and cap style that your child will be wearing. Shop for a grad stole that will be supportive of the other graduation garments.