Reasons To Use Solid Wrought Iron Curtain Rods In Your Decorating

When you remodel your home, you want to use fixtures that make it look good and create the atmosphere for which you are aiming. However, you also want them to be a good investment and something that you can use for years.

These goals can be particularly important when you consider how to decorate your home's windows. You can get the look, function and good return on your investment by using solid wrought iron curtain rods in your home's decorating.


Solid wrought iron curtain rods are capable of lasting for years, if not decades. Because they are made from iron, they resist damage like bending or sagging like curtain rods made from aluminum. They can bear the weight of the heaviest curtains and toppers without falling off the wall and refusing to stay in place.

Because they do not succumb readily to damage and can bear high amounts of weight, your solid wrought iron curtain rods can last for years after you buy them. They do not need to be replaced because they no longer work or have ruined appearances. You get a full return on the money that you paid for them.

Neutral Color

Solid wrought iron curtain rods are also neutral in color and capable of blending in well with any color of draperies that you hang from them. They can complement or match gray, black, brown, and tan draperies. They can also pair well with brightly colored draperies or curtains that have bright and dimensional patterns on them. 

Their neutral color allows you to keep using them regardless of how often that you switch out your draperies and change the room's appearance. You do not have to buy new curtain rods to match or complement the color of your draperies. You can keep your solid wrought iron curtain rods up even if you completely redo the room in which they are hung.

Finally, wrought iron curtain rods can be decorative in their own right. Their endings may have engraved patterns. The iron might also be frosted or polished to give the rods extra visual appeal that makes them showpieces in and of themselves.

Wrought iron curtain rods can be good investments to make when redoing your home. They are neutral enough in appearance to blend in well with any color of draperies. They can also last for years and have decorative details like engravings or polishing.