3 Types Of Faucets Homeowners Can Buy

Faucet replacement is a home improvement project that can very easily be overlooked. But while these fixtures might be small, they greatly contribute to your home's functionality and aesthetic appeal. So if the appearance of your current faucets does not spark joy, it's about you got new ones. Before you go window shopping, it's crucial to establish what kind of faucets you're in the market for.

Knowing what you want ensures you conduct a faucet upgrade that adds your own personal style around the house. If you have no idea the kind of faucets that will complement your sinks and your home's overall interior design, be sure to engage a professional during your search. Continue reading to discover the types of faucets you can buy.

1. Motion Detection Faucet

The motion detection faucet became quite popular after the COVID-19 pandemic hit because it allowed homeowners to wash their hands without touching the fixture. And while the spread of the coronavirus has since slowed down, this remains an innovative fixture that keeps the sinks around your house clean and sanitary. What's more, since you activate water flow with a hand motion, you can significantly minimize water wastage around the house.

This is a perfect way to incorporate technology in your plumbing fixtures and encourages your family members to wash their hands every chance they get. Since you don't have to open and close the faucet, keeping your hands clean won't feel like such a task. Not touching the faucet with soap ensures the fixture doesn't lose its luster over time. Installing these fixtures ensures you don't have to worry about faucet replacement for years to come.

2. Pot Filler Faucet

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you should invest in upgrades that make food prep and cooking easier. And since you're in the market for new faucets, consider purchasing a pot filler faucet for your kitchen sink.

This fixture is specially designed with a flexible arm that extends outward so you don't have to put your cooking pot in the sink to fill it. If you're an avid soup maker you'll appreciate this fixture's great functionality.

3. Dual Handle Faucet

Instead of having two faucets in the same sink for hot and cold water, consider purchasing a dual handle faucet that's a two-in-one fixture that makes your sinks neater. This is perfect for the bathroom sink as it allows guests to decide if they want to wash their hands with warm or chill water.

Now that you know the faucets you can buy, don't hesitate to shop with a reputable faucets supplier.