4 Advantages Of Sideways Charms On Bracelets

When you purchase a bracelet with a pendant or a charm, the jewelry typically includes charms that dangle freely from the bracelet design. If you enjoy the charms but want to look for something different, then consider a sideways option like a diamond-gold sideways-cross charm. Instead of dangling freely, the charm sits sideways with the bracelet connected to both ends of the charm. As you consider your jewelry options, check out some of the advantages of sideways charms. [Read More]

Own Vintage Costume Jewelry? 4 Tips To Help You Find A Buyer For Your Pieces

If you're ready to downsize your collection of vintage costume jewelry, don't take it to a thrift shop. Sell it to a costume jewelry buyer. There are buyers who will give you top-dollar for your vintage costume jewelry. If you've never sold vintage jewelry before, you might not know what to do. Read the list provided below. Here are some steps that will help you sell your vintage costume jewelry.  [Read More]

Why A Candle Is A Great Mood Booster

When you think about things that boost your mood, you might not immediately think about candles. However, candles can actually be a great mood booster. These are just some of the reasons why the right candle can really help you with improving your mood. It Can Give Off Relaxing Light First of all, when you light a candle in your bedroom in the evenings, or when you otherwise rely on your candle alone for lighting, then you might find that it will give off a really nice, relaxing light. [Read More]