4 Advantages Of Sideways Charms On Bracelets

When you purchase a bracelet with a pendant or a charm, the jewelry typically includes charms that dangle freely from the bracelet design. If you enjoy the charms but want to look for something different, then consider a sideways option like a diamond-gold sideways-cross charm.

Instead of dangling freely, the charm sits sideways with the bracelet connected to both ends of the charm. As you consider your jewelry options, check out some of the advantages of sideways charms. 

1. Fewer Snags

Loose charms can easily snag on clothes, on purses, or in your hair. The free-flowing edges can get caught up on something. Not only do you risk a possible injury to yourself, but you could damage the bracelet as well. With a sideways symbol on the bracelet, you will lessen the chance for snags.

2. Less Noise

When charms dangle freely, bracelets can make a lot of noise. Bracelets with multiple charms can bang into each other and create a constant cling. If you do activities like typing on a computer or talking on the phone, you do not want bracelet noise to disrupt the process.

A diamond-gold sideways-cross bracelet does not make the same noise because the charm is securely held and cannot clang against other elements of the bracelet.

3. Longer Bracelet Options

When a charm gets turned sideways, the charm's longer side connects to the bracelet ends. This setup allows you to lengthen the size of the bracelet to fit on wrists easier. You do not need to purchase extenders or worry about a bracelet that sits too tightly. The charm sits in the center of the bracelet and makes it easier to line up on your wrist.

4. Layer on Other Bracelets

A bracelet with charms that dangle will take up a lot of real estate on your wrist. When you purchase a bracelet with sideways charms, you have the opportunity to layer other bracelets on the same wrist. The bracelets can layer evenly and you do not need to worry about tangles or visuals being blocked with dangling charms.

Once you purchase a sideways charm bracelet, you can play around with different design options and ways to layer bracelets together. For example, you could purchase two sideways charm bracelets and wear them right next to each other on your wrist.

When you wear a sideways charm bracelet for the first time you will notice the differences right away and can fully enjoy the bracelet without any major issues.

Visit a local jewelry store to learn more about charm bracelets, such as a diamond-gold sideways-cross bracelet.