Keys To Choosing An Area Rug For Inside Your Front Door

Area rugs can be worthwhile additions to your living room and bedroom, but there are many other places throughout your home that can benefit from this household accessory. An area rug immediately inside of your front door adds a feeling of warmth and plenty of functionality and, provided that you can find a rug that matches the overall look of your home, its presence at your door can be suitable. It's a good idea to visit a store that has a wide selection of area rugs. You'll want to measure the intended spot in your home so that you know what size of rug to buy, and you should also look for a rug that delivers in these ways.

Thin Design

Different area rugs have different thicknesses. Some are lush and provide plenty of cushioning underfoot, while others are thinner. When you're shopping for an area rug that you'll place inside of your front door, you need to choose one that is on the thinner side. A thick area rug in this location can be problematic because the door may catch on it as people come and go. The last thing that you want is to struggle to open and close the door because of the thickness of the area rug. With a thin rug, the door will glide above the rug without issues.

Rubber Backing

Some area rugs have rubber backings on the underside, while some do not. This backing is designed to hold the rug firmly to the floor. As people walk across the area rug, it can often slide around when this backing isn't present. For an area rug that will sit inside of your front door, this backing is critical. Without it, the rug may shift position and slide over the threshold of the door, making it impossible to close without first adjusting the rug.

Dark Color

Visually, you may have certain requirements for an area rug in this location. When it comes to the color of the rug, however, you'll generally find that darker is better than lighter. People will sometimes enter your home with dirty footwear, making a light-colored rug inside of the door a poor choice. A darker color of rug will mask the dirt to some degree, which will prevent you from having to wash the rug frequently. A rug with a pronounced pattern can sometimes also be effective for hiding dirt marks.