How to Remind People That Community and Cause Exist for a Reason

There is strength in numbers. No one can do it all alone. We rise. All of these phrases have one thing in common; they are meant to remind people that community can unite for a cause and change something that does not seem right. If you are fighting for a cause, you want everyone in your community to know it, and maybe join and take part. Here is how to remind them what you stand for, and why you want them to join with you for a good reason/cause. 

Purposeful Motivational Jerseys

Shirts are advertising. There is not a company in this world that has not, at some point or other, taken advantage of printing their logos, slogans, messages, etc., on shirts so that the people who wear the shirts will be walking free advertising for those companies. The same can be done for charities and causes of import. You can have motivational jerseys printed up for everyone in your group who has made a commitment to fight for the cause in which you all believe. You can print a few extras for new members, or print your jerseys on demand for new members. Every time anyone from the group walks around wearing his or her jersey, it is reminding people of what you and your group are trying to do. 

Rally Signs

Nothing like a good public rally to get people interested. Since you probably live in a country where you have the freedom to assemble just about anywhere, you can assemble your rally in the park, in a parking lot, outside the building of a company that goes against your group's cause, etc.. Be sure to bring the rally signs so that people who are not members of your group know exactly why you are there and why you are rallying. The rally signs should be as motivating as possible, so come up with some catchphrases and motivational words that stick in their heads. 

Promote Through Media

Do not forget that printed media still has a place in this world. Printing brochures to motivate people to join the group is a step in the right direction. The brochures can be printed by t-shirt printing or office printing shops. The brochures should be as motivational and informative as your signs, jerseys, rallies, and community events. If your group has a big enough budget, hire a local TV station to give you some air time.