Flower Arrangement Ideas For A Funeral

When ordering flowers for a funeral, you have to be both mindful of the survivors of the deceased and respectful to the person who has passed away. You can't just have any type of arrangement for a funeral display, but you do have many options if you know what to look for. From color to flowers, use this guide to help you design the best funeral flower arrangement for a passed loved one.


When it comes to color for a funeral, white is usually the norm. White symbolizes purity and comfort to many people and is a staple for many funeral settings. However, you are not limited to just white for a funeral flower arrangement; you can also select from soft yellow and other pastel colors. Just make sure that white is the primary color.

If you don't want to do white and you know the family of the loved one who has passed away well, then ask what the deceased had as far as a favorite color, and incorporate the hue in a funeral arrangement. This is a tasteful way to honor the person who has passed away and create a unique bouquet at the same time.


Roses are commonplace for a funeral, so these are flowers to consider for a funeral arrangement. However, lilies and other types of flowers can also be used for a funeral, even for the flowers to place on top of the casket. You can ask your florist for the most requested flower types for funerals so you can choose the right blooms for the somber occasion.

You don't have to stick to just one type of flower; in many cases, mixing and matching flowers for a funeral arrangement is just fine to make the arrangement complete. Your florist will arrange flowers in a way that is both tasteful and attractive.


The size of a flower arrangement is very important. If a flower arrangement is too small, it won't be easily seen by the people who view it. If the arrangement is too large, it may appear too gaudy or take away from the funeral services. The florist you choose to create your funeral flower arrangements will take into account where the flowers will be used for display and create a lovely bouquet that is ideal for the situation.

When you choose the right flower arrangement for a funeral, you create a tasteful gesture. Your florist will help you design funeral flower arrangements that will be impressive and express your love most.