Do You Want More Drama In Your Wardrobe?

Have you been thinking that the outfits you wear are just plain boring? Perhaps you have always shopped for very classic clothes that will never, ever, even in a million years, go out of style. You might have done that because you are on a budget, or you might have shopped for extremely classic outfits just because of your personality. 

Either way, if you have decided that you want to add some drama to your wardrobe, that more than likely means that you have some fun shopping ahead of you. From evaluating the clothes you already own to buying things like a Boho short sleeve mini dress with a lace up front, here are some ideas for you.

Take Time To Evaluate Your Present Wardrobe - The fact that you already own many classic styles is probably going to work in your favor as you add pizzaz to your new look. For example, if you have a basic black skirt that you previously wore with a tailored white shirt, you can give that black skirt a brand-new look by wearing it with a colorful peasant blouse or by adding chunky wooden jewelry to a solid color pullover. 

The same goes for the tailored white shirt. Instead of tucking it in, think of tying it at the waist, leaving the top two buttons unbuttoned, and wearing a collar necklace with it. Mix and match clothes that you already own, too. For example, that black skirt that you previously wore with the tailored white blouse might look fabulous with a sweater and a long scarf that you already have. Try things on to see what works.

Take Time To Go Shopping - First, decide how much money you want to spend on new items for your wardrobe. Perhaps you just received a generous gift from your parents, or maybe you have earned a hefty bonus at work. After you have decided what your budget is, go shopping! Think of going to different stores than you have been to in the past. 

Have you ever seen the new Boho short sleeve mini dresses that have lace-up fronts? They're downright snazzy and maybe even a bit sexy, or a lot sexy! If you decide to buy one of those dramatic dresses, consider what you will wear with it. One idea is to wear bright red chandelier earrings and red bangle bracelets with your Boho short sleeve mini dress. You probably won't need a necklace because the lace up detail is already perfect

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