3 Ways To Wear A Crystal Drop Necklace

If you're looking for a visually stunning piece of jewelry that also offers a high degree of versatility, a crystal drop necklace can be a good choice. This style of necklace comes in a long list of sizes, colors, and shapes — although the constant is the familiar drop shape that is curved on the bottom and pointed on the top. Whether you buy this piece of jewelry as a gift to yourself or you ask for it as a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day gift, you'll have a pendant that you can wear in a number of different ways. Here are three unique ways to adorn your body with a crystal drop necklace.

1. With A Thin Necklace 

You can buy your crystal drop necklace with a thin necklace, or you can remove the pendant from its necklace and place it on a necklace that you already own that is extremely thin. With this look, the necklace will almost disappear against your skin, leaving the crystal drop pendant to be the star of the show. If you're someone who favors this look — a pendant that almost appears as though it's floating on your upper torso — you can definitely achieve it with your crystal drop pendant.

2. Over A Plain Sweater

Another eye-catching way to wear your crystal drop pendant is to have it hang over a plain sweater — ideally, a dark one that will provide a sharp visual contrast to the light color of the pendant. Plain attire can often use some jazzing up, and sporting your crystal drop pendant over the sweater instead of hidden underneath it will add a new visual element to your appearance. This can make for a perfect combination to wear to a party around the holidays or a night out with your partner in cooler weather.

3. As A Choker

If you want to shorten up the chain from which your pendant hangs or even remove the pendant and attach it to a different style of necklace, this piece of jewelry can work well as a choker. The choker style is chic for many women who favor wearing their jewelry a little higher than usual, which can be ideal if you want to wear a stunning fashion accessory that remains visible above a higher-collared shirt. Having the sparkly pendant hanging at the base of your throat can be perfect whether you want to dress up at work or you're going out on a date.