Consignment Marketplace: 3 Tips For Selling Items Online

There are many times throughout the year that you may de-clutter your home and have items that you want to sell; this is often done with your wardrobe at the beginning or end of every season. A great way to get rid of these items and make a little bit of profit is to sell them at a consignment store. With the internet readily available, and so many people turning to it for their needs, it makes sense to sell your items via a consignment marketplace rather than a local consignment shop. Here are three things you need to know before you start selling.

1. The Power Lies in the Photos

Since you are selling online, the photos that you take are essential. The better the picture you take, the more likely it will be that a potential customer will click on the photo and ultimately be interested in purchasing the product. In order to take a good photo, you will need good lighting – natural lighting is ideal. Clothing should be on a hanger or laid flat. Consider showing how the clothing can be paired, such as with a pair of jeans, a scarf, necklace, boots, etc.

2. Be Specific and Detailed in Your Listings

When it comes to drafting the copy for your product listings, it is imperative that you get the right tone. You want to be friendly in your copy, but you also need to make sure that you are creating marketing copy that will sell the product. You need to make sure that you give details about the product and be truthful. You don't want to over-sell the product and then under-deliver it. In the end, you want satisfied buyers, but you won't have this if you aren't honest in your product descriptions.

3. Perform Pricing Research

Before deciding what you will price items at, you will need to perform online research. Each seller will have their own technique for determining prices; however, you should always take into account the amount that you paid for the item, its uniqueness, versatility as well as demand. It is also important that you be open to negotiations. There will be times when buyers will come to you with a lower price. Don't simply disregard it. You have the right to wait longer to see if the item sells at full price, but you should always keep the lower asking price in mind. If you don't want to go as low as the offer, you can always provide a counter-offer. Just make sure that you avoid being negative because it could push potential customers away.

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