4 Everyday Home Uses For Thermal Camera Technology

In the industrial world, thermal cameras are a great piece of technology used to inspect homes for circuit breaker problems, leaking air, and other issues. The technology also has many everyday uses that a homeowner can take advantage of. By purchasing a thermal camera, you can use the heat-seeking technology and temperature readings for all types of uses. Once you get used to how the camera operates and functions, it can be accessed on a daily basis within your home. As you shop around for different thermal cameras, learn how they can be used in your home to help with all types of functions.

Drink Selection

When enjoying drinks like soda, beer, or water, people typically want them as cold as possible. Instead of feeling and guessing what type of drink is the coldest, you can get accurate results with the use of a thermal camera. By setting up multiple drink bottles, you can point the thermal camera at the drinks and get an instant reading to determine which one has the coolest temperature. The simple trick can make it easy to enjoy the coldest drinks and allow the other drinks to get a little colder in a fridge or freezer. Along with cold drinks, the thermal camera can be used to measure hot drinks. Instead of burning your tongue or lips on a sip of coffee, a quick scan with a thermal camera can help you determine the exact temperature and how long you should wait for the drink to cool down.

Backyard Wildlife

During the day, you may notice signs of wildlife that have rummaged through your backyard. But at night, it may be impossible to see those animals with the naked eye. To help determine what type of animals are roaming in your backyard, you can set up a thermal camera for automatic recording. A number of thermal cameras feature built-in storage options. This storage can be used to capture images for further investigation on a computer. During the night, you can easily scan your backyard and capture images of anything that is scurrying through your backyard. Using computer software, you can zoom in on the thermally heated areas and pinpoint the exact type of animal that is roaming around. Once you know this information, you can take measures to prevent the animals from invading your yard and property.

Pest Infestations

One thing that is worse than animals in your backyard is finding animals hidden in your walls. Pests like mice and rats can crawl through your walls and attic space to cause damage and spread germs. A thermal camera is an ideal detection solution to ensure that various noises and signs are not just a random occurrence. When pointing the thermal camera at walls, you can detect small bodies of heat that may be featured inside of them. This is an ideal way to track down any pests or nests that may have been made. The images and thermal locations can help when contacting any type of pest worker for help deal with the infestation.

Haunted Houses

Not only can thermal camera help detect pests in the walls, but they can also be used to detect the presence of ghosts in and around home. Many paranormal shows use the technology to detect colder areas in a home that may be a sign of ghost activity. While there are skeptics to using the technology, it is still a fun way to investigate your home when you hear strange noises or occurrences. During the night, you can easily go around different rooms of the home and snap pictures using the thermal camera. Upon further investigation, you can check out any suspicious areas where you think ghosts may have appeared.

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