3 Quick Tips For Throwing A Memorable Baby Shower

 So your sister is having a baby girl, congratulations! This is going to be a special event in your lifetime, so cherish it as much as you possibly can. If you're looking to throw a memorable baby shower to celebrate the birth of your niece, consider following the tips below:

Choose a Great Theme

Baby shower themes aren't an essential part of the event itself; however, it's only so often a child is brought into your family, so why not celebrate it by giving your baby shower a memorable theme for everybody to enjoy? Giving your sister's baby shower a theme will ensure that everyone in attendance will remember the event and how important the occasion was in her life. Themes also hold the entire party together, ensuring your guests are aware of what is required in advance.

When it comes to choosing a theme, you can pretty much choose anything you like. Some people like to keep it subtle with an afternoon tea party; however, if you're feeling a little adventurous there are a few ideas you should consider:

  • Book Themed: Book themes are a great way to give your niece's library a head-start, and by letting guests know which type of books to bring, you can ensure you won't be short of good reading material during your niece's early months.

  • Christmas Themed: If you're lucky enough to be having your child in the Christmas months, why not merge both occasions together with a Christmas-themed baby shower? You could create Christmas "Thank You!" cookies for your guests to take home, or even offer out alchohol-free egg nog to your friends and family.

  • Flower Power Themed: Flower-themed baby showers can be a great way to get creative, so ask your guests to make their own arrangements and bring them to the party. You could also host the event outside, perhaps in a nice garden with a picnic for lunch.

Make it Personal

A great theme will make your sister's baby shower more memorable, but it's still very important to leave a personal touch throughout the event. Of course, people are there to have fun and celebrate with their friends and family; however, they are primarily there to make the event memorable for your sister, the mother-to-be.

You should take the time to make the baby shower as personal as possible, allowing guests to leave their thoughts and feelings for your sister to treasure. A simple way to do this is to use a guestbook for your attendees to sign during the shower; however, there are a few other things you should consider to make your event a truly memorable event:

  • Have guests write a letter to your unborn niece, to be read on her 18th or 21st birthday.

  • For guests that are parents themselves, create a "Top Tips" book to leave their best pieces of parenting advice.

  • Create a family scrapbook with pictures of your sister and her partner when they were young, and ask guests to bring pictures of their families also. Just remember to leave room for your unborn niece's pictures!

Get the Games Ready

Baby showers are a great way to get family and friends you might not have seen in a while together; however, they can often be lengthy and the vibe of the party can drop once the conversation dries up. That's why baby shower games are so important! They give everyone a chance to relax and have fun, whilst remembering exactly what they are at the party for. They also give your sister a bit of breathing space, as continuously speaking about pregnancy could make you feel a little claustrophobic.

A great idea for a baby shower game is to have a onesie decorating contest. Not only does this give your guests the chance to get creative, but it's also a great way to fill your niece's cupboard for when she arrives! Plain onesies are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from any baby boutique store, so get stocked up with glitter and sequins and get your guests decorating! These unique onesies can then be kept in the cupboard until your niece is born, giving her some very personal clothing items and giving your sister some very special memories. For more advice or ideas contact a baby girl clothes boutique.