5 Hunting Accessories To Assist A Child's Early Trips

Taking a child hunting for the first time can be exciting, overwhelming, and memorable. Instead of just taking them into the woods, you can make the experience as successful as possible be preparing a number of supplies. These supplies will make it easier for the child to hunt and can also increase the safety of the trip. Browse through the following five accessories that will help a child adapt to different hunting scenarios. Along with the first trip, these hunting supplies can be used through multiple trips until the child feels comfortable enough to upgrade.

Tandem Tripod Stand

A standard hunter's tree stand is a single seat that is strapped high up on a tree. This type of stand can nerve-wracking and stressful for a child. Instead of putting them in a spot along, you can sit with them on a hunt by purchasing a tandem tripod stand. Instead being attached high up in a tree, these stands are stabilized with a frame and legs that are positioned directly on the ground.

The tandem seating on the stand allows you to give instructions, tips, and guidance through the hunting instructions. After a few trips, a child can sit on the stand alone and then eventually transition to their own tree stand.

Safety Harness Kit

Without the hunting experience, a child may not have full confidence in climbing up to high areas and locations. To help keep a child as safe as possible, you can equip them with a safety harness kit. The kit is strapped around their body and often features a camouflage finish to help match a hunting disguise.

Safety harness clips and straps can be attached to ladders, hunting chairs, and safety bars. This provides an extra source of backup safety while the child is positioned high in the air. When shopping for a kit, be sure to order the proper size so it can easily fit your child.

Hunting Optics

On early hunting trips, many children will likely do a lot of observing before they actually get their hands on a hunting weapon. To help keep them occupied and feeling like a part of the hunt, you can purchase special optics for them to use. Hunting optics are great for viewing long distances, and a child can learn a lot about hunting by using them.

Along with traditional optics like binoculars, you can purchase upgraded visuals like digital zoom scopes, night vision binoculars, and range finders. As the children use the optics, they can experience the thrill of spotting a live animal through the various lenses.

Decoy Targets

Shooting at moving animals can be a challenge. Missing the first few shots can be discouraging to a child. Instead of losing out on an animal, a child can work on their aim and accuracy by using decoy targets. Decoys come in a variety of animal designs. This includes deer, turkey, ducks, and other birds. It's a good idea to set up the decoys before the hunt so your child doesn't know the exact locations, but you are still aware of them.

Hunting Backpacks

When you take a child hunting, you have the ability to teach them about organization, respect, and attention to the little details. One way to help with organization and personal responsibility is through a hunting backpack. When a child has their own hunting backpack, they can keep all of their supplies properly organized. During the hunt, you can request specific items and allow your child to retrieve them. After the hunt is over, a child can go through the backpack, throw out unneeded items, and prepare it for the next trip.

A hunting backpack is also a great way to give your child more hunting items like animal callers, animal scents, and a variety of tree markers.

Every child is different, so the items you decide to purchase should reflect the needs that your child has. After the first hunt, you will have an even better idea of additional supplies that are needed.